Effective learner QUalities

In 2014, Keilor Views Primary School established ‘Effective Learner Qualities’ (ELQs). These dispositions/qualities are based on highly regarded research that suggests by encouraging students to understand themselves as learners, and how to develop and employ particular learner qualities in the process of learning; this will support them to maximise their learning progress and achievement. Building resilient, capable and empathetic learners and citizens of the future. KVPS developed our six learner qualities in collaboration with students, staff and community.


These are:

  • Self Aware

  • Determined

  • Persist

  • Uses feedback

  • Reflect

  • Connect

Our school explicitly teaches, promotes and uses these ELQs across the curriculum.

Download the Student Handbook about the Effective Learner Qualities here. Save it as an iBook on your iPad or as a PDF document.


The handbook comes in both an epub (iBook) and PDF version and you can access them by clicking on the link below.



For the epub (iBook) version:

  • Access the link below on your iPad

  • Tap the epub document

  • Tap ‘download’

  • Select ‘open in iBooks’


This will then save your handbook as an iBook in your app, providing easy access to the information as you need it, as well as audio commentary from students.


For the PDF versions: (to save on laptops, android devices etc.)

  • Access this link below

  • Tap the PDF document

  • Tap ‘download’


The document will take a few minutes to load. The text will not appear, however when you download the doc, the text will show up in Adobe.


Student Handbook link…