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School Transition

Transition-to-school activities help you and your child get a better understanding of what school will be like. Most importantly, they allow families to familiarise themselves with school staff, other families and children.


The school has planned orientation sessions for pre-school children to heighten their awareness and familiarity with the school. These sessions are held during the latter part of the year, prior to the child’s commencement at school. 


A “Book Bugs” Program is provided for pre-school children who have enrolled at Keilor Views Primary School. They are able to attend scheduled sessions in our school library and will be read a book and participate in a hands-on activity, as part of our Prep Orientation Program.


We will also run an Orientation Day which is a state-wide day for our Prep students.


All dates will be released in the latter half of the year once finalised.


All preps enrolled will receive a special “My Big School” T-shirt to celebrate their enrolment.


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"Come on a school tour with us, as we share how we empower every learner with the skills and dispositions to flourish. We empower parents and carers to play a meaningful role in supporting learning, well-being and achievement for students. We must acknowledge and celebrate the roles we play in empowering each other."

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