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Student Voice and Agency

What is Student Agency?

Students have greater responsibility over what and how they learn. Students have agency in their own learning goals, monitor and track their progress. Students know what they need to do in order to be successful by choosing from a variety of strategies, techniques, resources and skills which are applied to learning tasks.


What is Student Voice?

Students provide and respond to feedback regarding their learning. Students use a variety of ways to communicate with their peers and their teachers to discuss learning progress and strategies to improve. Students communicate with each other about their learning and remain socially connected. For learning to occur, strong peer-to-peer and student-teacher relationships must be present.


Activating student voice and student agency is important to the learning and well-being of our students at KVPS.  The school has initiated several ways in which students can contribute to school wide decision-making processes.


These include:

  • Junior School Council

  • Student Leadership

  • Peer Mediators

  • Pupil Professional Learning Teams and randomised student focus groups


All students have the opportunity to express an interest and apply for any of these roles. Learners have the opportunity to make a real impact at KVPS on decisions from school pride to curriculum development and planning, and assessment. School wide data such as NAPLAN and Student’s Attitude to School responses are shared with learners who help to provide narratives and reasons for the outcomes to help direct school goals, teaching and learning.


We select a Student Leadership Team each year from our Year 6 students, including school captains and vice-captains. Our Student Leaders regularly meet and host our weekly assembly, every Monday morning. Each year the graduating Year 6 class decide on the legacy that they will leave for their peers and future students to further their learning experience at KVPS. 

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