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Student Engagement and Wellbeing

Keilor Views Primary School values each student as an individual whom together, creates a diverse community of learners. Our academic, social and extra-curricular activities create opportunities for all students to participate and engage in education in a harmonious learning environment. Our approach, enhances student engagement and connectedness, through the promotion of positive and supportive relationships. Our focus is to enhance student wellbeing through the delivery of whole school evidence based practices and programs which engage all students socially, emotionally and academically. Student wellbeing is at the forefront of the teaching and learning and is an intrinsic part of our school culture.


Primary Prevention Initiatives

The following primary prevention programs/processes that are implemented at KVPS are evidence based and integrated into the school’s ethos:

  • Name It’ policy and approach to the building of student resilience

  • School Wide Positive Behaviour Support’ – a framework supporting the teaching of expected behaviours both inside the classroom and out in the yard

  • ‘Respectful Relationships’ – a DET preventative initiative to reduce family conflict and violence

  • ‘Social Skills Programs’ – a variety of programs run internally throughout the year to support children socially and emotionally.


Various school-based strategies are put in place to provide a safe environment for our staff and students.

Student Engagement and Wellbeing Curriculum Initiatives

The following evidence-based classroom programs are also implemented at KVPS and are integrated into the school’s ethos and curriculum practices:

  • Mindfulness – a variety of strategies taught to the students to promote calm classrooms

  • Cyber safety – Students are informed of the risk factors associated with the use of technology, as a result of the Internet, and are given strategies to support the safe use of the Internet, both at school and at home.

  • Better Buddies – a program that is supported by the Alannah and Madeleine Foundation which promotes safety through peer support and peer education.

  • Life Education program – a DET approved program exploring aspects of student personal development, drug education, family dynamics and puberty changes

Program for Students with Disabilities

KVPS has an active Program for Students with Disabilities where teachers and education support staff work together to ensure all students are working to their fullest potential.

Students who have special needs are given assistance at various levels including classroom support, extra supervision, personal care support and social development support. External consultants also visit the school regularly to give professional advice for specific learning needs, behaviour or wellbeing support.

All students with disabilities and additional learning needs have the same access to the highest quality educational opportunities alongside their peers. By providing appropriate support and resources, all students are able to participate and achieve success in every aspect of school life. The program enables students to participate in classroom and specialist programs with appropriate support provided from guidance officers, social workers, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, education support officers and/or program support staff. Families of students receiving support through the Program for Students with Disability meet each term to discuss the students’ individual learning needs and progress, and will collaboratively formulate short and long term social and/or academic goals.

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