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Expected Behaviour Matrix

Keilor Views Primary School takes an approach to teaching the behaviours we expect to see from our students. Our Student Engagement Policy incorporates student positive attitudes to learning, daily attendance and expected student behaviours.


Our three school values of Respect, Responsible and Safe are instilled in the students through a variety of classroom friendly lessons to pre-teach the expected behaviour in all areas of the school. The rights, responsibilities and shared expectations belong to everyone in the school community, including students, parents, teachers and other school staff.

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Student Management and Behaviour

At KVPS we have implemented the following student management and behaviour practices and protocols across the school:

  • Whole school consistent approach in dealing and responding to behaviours and incidents

  • Whole staff approach to record keeping of minor and major behaviour and incidents

  • Behaviour Management Plans – a positive approach used for students who present with more challenging behaviour

  • School attendance strategies – monitoring and addressing truancy and punctuality to improve student attendance and engagement.

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