Matthew Borg

Acting Principal

Dear Parents, Carers, Learners and Community members,

It is with much humbleness, excitement and privilege that we welcome you to Keilor Views Primary School on behalf of all students and staff.  The KVPS community look forward to developing a positive learning partnership with you, and supporting to maximise the learning for your child/children. It is an honor for me to lead the school, alongside passionate, dedicated and amazing staff with the support of the school council and our community.


Our staff are deeply invested in providing a sound foundation for learning that will inspire all students to realize that an education is more than just interacting with letters and numbers, it is about building positive relationships and developing themselves as socially and emotionally developed citizens.


Our school prides itself on being a learning community where staff are also learners accessing the best educational research and highly effective evidence-based practices that make a difference to the outcomes of learners.


Our moral purpose at KVPS is every learner, every teacher.

At Keilor Views Primary School we are committed to working collaboratively to plan curriculum that provides differentiated learning opportunities for each learner, inspires and challenges all learners with engaging experiences. We are confident, that together, we can continue to provide our learners, and your child/children with an environment that will encourage them to learn, be creative, grow and develop in to resilient global citizens.


We look forward to welcoming you to Keilor Views Primary School, fostering a positive relationship and working as a learning community with you to provide positive educational experiences for each and every learner including your child/children.


Here is to an amazing year together!

School Leadership Team

Matthew Borg

Acting Principal

Lucy Beril

Acting Leading Teacher

Daniel McKerracher

Assistant Principal

Karen Sant

Inclusion Coordinator

Sara Fasano

Learning Specialist

Samantha Toy

Learning Specialist

Cheryl Szacuri

Mathematics  Specialist

Admin Team

Maricca Cypreou

Administration Manager

Joanne Puopolo

Administration Assistant

Val Condello


Jamie Patten

Business Manager

Introducing and Celebrating our Teachers at Keilor Views Primary School

At Keilor Views PS we have inspired and passionate teachers who have high expectations that all of our students can, and will progress in their learning. Our teachers are dedicated to continuous self and professional growth in order to provide the best learning opportunities inside and outside of the classroom for each child.


Our teachers work collaboratively in professional learning teams to identify, monitor student progress, and measure their impact, using Helen Timperley’s research-based inquiry cycle. Our teachers encourage and respond to student voice providing inclusive, calm, challenging and safe learning environments.


We are proud as a school community to have such amazing teaching staff at Keilor Views Primary School.

Prep Team

Silvana Genis

Prep G

Elias Kotis

Prep K

Danielle Stefou

Prep S

Grade 1 Team

Silvana Luca

Year 1L

Cheryl Szacuri

Year 1S

Stephanie Georgelos

Year 1G

Grade 2 Team

Charlotte Kriebardis

Year 2K

Sara Fasano

Year 2F

Isabella Tomaselli

Year 2T

Grade 3 & 4 Team

Samantha Toy

Year 3/4T

Cathy Brancatisano

Year 3B

Lucy Crombie

Year 3C

Irene Flynn

Year 4F

Jamie Lazaridis

Year 4L

Grade 5 Team

Jessica Simon

Year 5S

Brett Burgoyne

Year 5B

Rhiannon Jones

Year 5J

Grade 6 Team

Lisa Patten

Year 6P

Cameron Flemming

Year 6F

Amanda Hollway

Year 6H

Specialist Team

John Watts

Physical Education

Helen Karras


Jacob Koroneos


Serena Lumley

The Arts

Kelly Giurdanella



Dianne Brandmayer

Pauline Grixti

Kelly Julien

Lorrainne Dicarluccio

Cheryl Fennell

Lynne Salter

Jodie Elliot

Theonni Psilomisis

Sue Kumnik

Leisha Vann

Tracey Ludviksen

Nicole Papax

Vicki Attard