JUNIOR SCHOOL COUNCIL Initiatives and Fundraisers


Tracky Dack Day was the first Junior School Council Representative Fundraiser for 2019! Students and staff at KVPS were able to wear their favourite and most comfortable trackies to school to help support sick kids in hospital.


All donations from our school community, went to TLC for Kids which is an organisation that raises awareness and supports families with children in hospital. 

For more information about TLC for Kids click the link below.


22nd May, 2019

Daffodil Day Appeal, 2019

To help support and raise money towards the Daffodil Day Appeal 2019, the Junior School Council Representatives organised our school's very first Donation Station.

The Donation Station first opened during lunchtime on Thursday, 1st August and will continue to open every Thursday until Daffodil Day on Friday, 23rd August. All donations received will go to the Cancer Society which supports research for cancer treatments and cures.

For more information about the Cancer Council and the Daffodil Day Appeal, click the link below.

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The JSC Representative's Donation Station 2019

R U OK? Day, 2019

For more information about R U OK? Day click the link below.

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Kids Feeding Kids, 2019

Dekpor School Development Organisation runs a food program to feed students in need.

At KVPS, we know that students need a nutritious meal to focus on their learning! On Thursday 24th October, the Junior School Council Representatives invite the KVPS community to make a “Lunch Order Donation” using a brown paper bag for Dekpor School in Ghana!


All donations will go to the Dekpor School Development Organisation food program to help feed students in need.

Brown paper bags will be sent home on Tuesday for families who would like to donate towards the food program, so students at Dekpor School can have a healthy breakfast and lunch!

We look forward to another special day of Kids Feeding Kids!

For more information about Kids Feeding Kids click the link below.

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Students from Dekpor School in Ghana, 2019


These are the 13 students at Dekpor School in Ghana that KVPS helped to stay in the food program in 2019.  

Students from Dekpor School in Ghana, 2018

These are the 12 students at Dekpor School in Ghana that KVPS helped to stay in the food program in 2018.  


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WEEK 9: Crazy Hair Day

WEEK 10: Beach Day

KVPS Junior School Council, 2020